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July 1, 2018
The fonts in the pages were changed!
And I am thinking of changing the layout of this site. I wonder when that will happen...

A website for SNU Calculus 2 exams has been created.
Link: http://zxcvber.com:8081/snu_calculus/calculus2.html

April 26, 2018
A new problem 2018-04: Differentiable Decimal has been added.

A website for SNU Calculus 1 exams has been created.
Link: http://zxcvber.com:8081/snu_calculus/calculus1.html

March 30, 2018
I have finally added some of the Lecture Notes I had, that weren't scanned.

These files were added:

 • Korean High School Math
 • Basic Topics of KMO
 • Calculus Revisited: Elementary Complex Variables
 • Linear Algebra
 • Mathematics for Computer Science
 • Introduction to Computer Science and Programming
 • Introduction to Algorithms

It really took a lot of effor to scan these, I really wish I had a good scanner I could use.
You can check out my notes here: Lecture Notes

March 6, 2018
Check out the new feature on this website! You can plot functions here!
Note that you can only plot functions of \(x\).
You can also drag on the plot screen to move around, scroll to zoom in or out.

Interactive Function Plotter

March 1, 2018
I have been studying C++ and Java, so I was a bit behind on working on this website.
Additionally, during the last 2 weeks of February, I've been studying about Ubuntu and hosting web servers with Apache.

1) Finally, this website has its own link, http://www.zxcvber.com:8081.
Unfortunately, I have currently living in the school dormitory, and they blocked port 80, 443, 8080, so I cannot use them.
So every time I want to visit my website, I have to put an additional ":8081" to access my website.
How Convenient!

2) I considered that all the news just got very old, so I moved everything to Older News tab. You won't really have anything to check out there.

3) I am also planning to design a new layout for the whole site and page, but 2018 Spring semester starts tomorrow, so I have no idea when I will be finished with it.
Although I don't have any classes tomorrow, I won't be working on this anyway.

4) A new problem 2018-03: Cauchy-Schwarz ? has been added. I personally encountered this problem like 10 days ago, it was just a problem on a Grade 10 math textbook. But I had no ideas on how to solve the problem at a "Grade 10 level", while I had many more ideas on how to solve the problem if I ignored the constraint that I had to solve it with only the knowledge of 10th-graders.
Well, it actually turned out to be very easy, so I would really like to post it up here, and leave it for future reference.

5) I might be changing the name of this site. But I just might be to lazy to do such things. It will probably be applied with the new website layout I will be creating in the (long) future. I have no idea when it will be done. Also, I am terrible at naming things, especially variables. (...) Rather declaring a war might be easier for me...

6) For those of you who actually clicked on the link in 1), you might have noticed the rainbow colors flashing on "zxcvber". I just added them for fun. Now I think you might have just clicked on that link out of curiosity. Hmm...

7) Added a page view counter on the sidebar, only for the main page.

January 2, 2018
A new problem 2018-01: Irrational Sum was added for 2018!

+) I have found a problem posted on Aug 22, 2017. I have also added that problem.
2017-02: Tangent of Sum of Arctangents

January 23, 2018
I was sick for about a week, and everything got a little behind.
Now that I have fully(?) recovered, I added a new problem!
I personally came across this problem 2 years ago, and I have really thought a lot about this one!
2018-02: Periodic Function with Integral

January 9, 2018
The Math Talks section has been added! Finally!
For Math Talks section only, I will try to use as much Korean as possible.

When you get bored while stu(dying) math, take a look at some posted I have uploaded.
I don't want people to think that math is a boring subject, I really wish people knew about its significance. (Maybe I'm asking for too much)

Some news have been moved to Older News.
I am also currently thinking about problem 2018-02.
+) A page icon, also known as favicon has been added!!

January 3, 2018
The Data Section for the page has been added!
I have added my lecture notes and problem sets. The section teaching materials will be added soon.

These were originally posted on my Google Site, now I am moving them here.
+) I also modified my profile, added some brief information about me.

+) While I was editing my pages, I got to look at my files again, which were created when I was in high school. Then the memories of me studying math in high school just came to my mind.
  I remember studying math in high school as an amazing time because I could train my skills for further studies. It was really fun, and if I really have some time, I would really like to take a step back from what I'm currently doing and take a look at the things I have done in high school.

January 1, 2018
Hi! Welcome to 2018!
Happy New Year!
The post created last year seems to be a bit old, since an year has passed, but it didn't really seem old to me, so I left it as it is. It is not the case that I am lazy to move the older posts to "Older News".

The solution for 2017-01: Unstacking Game has been added.
Profile was added.
Section for 2018 Problems was created.

December 29, 2017
Hi! Welcome to Calculus Ghost Math TV!
This page has been created recently and is now ready for further updates.
The first problem has been posted!
Stay Tuned!

+) I have just finished recovering the problems from 2016.