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while(1) { Eat(); Sleep(); Wake(); Math(); Code(); }
Name: calofmijuck (a.k.a zxcvber)
Major: Computer Science and Engineering
Stu(dying) in Seoul National University
E-mail: calofmijuck@snu.ac.kr

About Me
I am a student, particularly interested in Mathematics and Computer Science. I am currently studying the two areas as much as possible.
Also, I have a deep interest in Mathematical Education.
I am currently teaching 2 students, really hoping to find a way to teach efficiently so that math isn't just a boring subject where you only just calculate stuff.
I really hope that my students understand the value within mathematics someday.

Mathematics is more than just calculating. It's not about answers, it's about reasons.
It's about explanations about the stories that human beings can tell to each other about why that number and not another.
Mathematics isn't just a sequence of unrelated concepts. It's a single, unified whole.
All of the ideas are connected at the deepest possible levels.

Additional Information
BOJ: zxcvber
2017. 2. Graduated Hana Academy Seoul