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Lecture Notes
The lecture notes mostly contain Very Basic topics. They are mostly topics that students from College of Natural Sciences or College of Enginnering should know.

Note: If the link does not exist, it means that the notes have been created offline, but has not been made into a pdf yet.

All data has been created for only studying.
Feel free to use everything here for non-commercial uses, and studying.
PLEASE cite the source when using information from this page.


[Korean High School Math]
Note: The notes contain the topics taught in Korean high schools in the year 2013. Since the government omits or changes the order of topics, I had no reason to revise and create new notes. I will only revise them if I have the time.
고등수학 (Created Dec 2013) (Korean)
수학I (Created Dec 2013) (Korean)
수학II (Created Dec 2013) (Korean)
적분과 통계 (Created Dec 2013) (Korean)
기하와 벡터 (Created Dec 2013) (Korean)

[Other Topics]
Basic Topics of KMO (Created 2015) (Korean)
• Single Variable Calculus (Created 2016) (Korean)
Multivariable Calculus (Created Feb 2015) (English)
Calculus Revisited - Elementary Complex Variables (Created Feb 2016) (English)
Linear Algebra (Created Dec 2017) (English)
Mathematics for Computer Science (Created Jan 2018) (English)

Computer Science
Introduction to Computer Science and Programming (Created Jan 2017) (English)
2017 Fall - Computer Programming (Created Dec 2016) (English)
Introduction to Algorithms (Created Jan 2018) (English)
• Design and Analysis of Algorithms (Stopped) (English)
• 2018 Spring - Data Structures (Created Jun 2018) (English)